For Kirloskar, Care is important. Care for our customers. Care for you. That's why, Kirloskar Care reaches you wherever you are - through a service network spanning over 400 locations, across India. You are assured of best service from Kirloskar-trained engineers and super performance of genuine Kirloskar Care spare parts and consumables at competitive prices

With this commitment to Care, we introduce our cost-efficient and unique service offering, Bandhan- an annual service package specifically designed for Kirloskar Green Diesel Genset customers.

Salient Features of Bandhan :

  • Reliable network: 400+ service locations, 6000 + Kirloskar Care -trained engineers
  • Purchase directly from Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited at published price. Services through Kirloskar Care authorised channels.
  • Affordable and genuine Kirloskar Care spare parts.
  • Flexible preventive maintenance plan to suit the running pattern of your Genset.
  • Peace of mind against emergency requirements, in addition to preventive maintenance as per schedule.
  • 24x7 single point of contact help desk
  • Pro-active management of service schedules through Centralized Customer Relationship Management System

USPs :

  • No extra visit charge of Kirloskar Care service person for any major failures (Top overhauling or Major overhauling).
  • Unlimited breakdown visit (except diesel filling and day to day checkup requirement).
  • Flexible No of PM visits selection based on usage pattern of Genset.

Service Package offering :

    • Available in tenure of 1 year – 3 years - 5 years period.
    • Selection of Preventive Maintenance visits based genset usage by customer.

    Running Hours in Year Recommended No of Preventive Maintenance visits **
    Upto 500 hours 4
    500 – 1000 hours 6
    Above 1000 hours 12

    ** Customer may select higher number of preventive maintenance visits based on the criticality of the application and power dependability on Genset, irrespective of the running pattern.

    • 3 years tenure with 9 Committed Preventive Maintenance visits.
    • Preventive Maintenance visits schedule.
      • 1st Year : 2 PMs, 2nd Year : 3 PMs, 3rd Year : 4 PMs

Scope Includes :

  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance visit as per service package selected by customer.
  • Unlimited Breakdown complaints.
  • Visit Charges for Scheduled Preventive Maintenance as per service package selected by Customer during purchase.
  • Visit Charges for All Breakdown Complaints whenever reported by customer.
  • Visit Charges for Major and Minor repairs including overhauls.

Excludes from Scope :

  • Cost of consumables and spare parts require for preventive or breakdown visits. Customer to purchase require consumables and spare parts from nearest Kirloskar Care authorised service network whenever require to keep Genset healthy.
  • Charges of external agencies if require for any external job works like FIP —Starter — Charging alternator repairing, AC Alternator repairing, Machining required for any part of Genset, Radiator cleaning through outside vendor etc. However Kirloskar Care service person visit charges are part of Inclusion for said jobs (customer is not required to pay for same).
  • Service to AMF Panel & Synchronisation Panel not belonging to Kirloskar Green.
  • To and fro charges of material handling.
  • Shifting of Genset, Crane charges or additional external labour if require for handling of any parts of Genset during any repairing or maintenance.
  • Any damage due to fire, natural disasters or theft.
  • Rental Charges of backup power require in case of any major failure.

Payment Terms :

  • Payment to be made in the name of Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited.
  • 100% Payment to be made in advance during purchase of Bandhan service package for the selected service tenure.

Payment mode available :

  • Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card
  • Cheque – customer can deposit in Kirloskar’s Bank account directly or can submit cheque to nearest Kirloskar Care authorised service dealer.
  • Kirloskar’s Banker : HDFC Bank Ltd
  • Kirloskar’s Bank account details are available in Online Portal against each quotation ref no which customer is required to cross check before final payment.

Refund Policy :

  • There is No refund is applicable for purchase with 1 year tenure once invoice is generated and service period starts.
  • Refund is applicable for purchases of only 3 and 5 years tenure with locking period of 12 months minimum.
  • Refund will be calculated on a pro-rata basis of Basic Amount paid by customer, based on balanced months of service agreement with deduction of 12 months of locking period.
  • To get refund for 3 and 5 years tenure, customer to submit request letter / email with valid reason.

Invoice Cancellation :

  • No invoice cancellation is applicable once it's created.

How to Avail Bandhan directly with Kirloskar:

  • Visit or contact Kirloskar Helpdesk 8806334433.
  • Select suitable service package for your genset.
  • Provide basic information about your genset and get quotation via email.
  • Complete KYC details and go ahead with online purchase with payment to Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited.
  • Mode of payment available – Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, NEFT/RTGS or By Cheque.

To get quotation or purchase Kirloskar Bandhan click here

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