Warranty Service

Warranty Policy for KIRLOSKAR Chota Chilli:

Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited declares that the KIRLOSKAR Green Gensets sold in India through its authorized sales channel will be free from any defect in material and workmanship under normal use and service.


  • This Warranty policy is applicable for the Genset ranging from 2.1kVA to 5kVA (KCC Portable range)
  • Subject to use of KIRLOSKAR CARE Genuine parts, Oil, filters, Coolant etc. and services sourced through authorized KIRLOSKAR CARE Centres.
  • KIRLOSKAR Green Genset should have been maintained as per the schedule recommended by Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.

Warranty for 2nd Buyer in case of resale – Balance warranty benefit will be passed on to the new owner. For terms and conditions, customer can approach the nearest KIRLOSKAR CARE Centre. For validation, installation clearance and condition of DG also, the second buyer can approach the nearest KIRLOSKAR CARE Centre. The cost for the above activities would not be part of the warranty services. Hence it has to be borne by the customer.

Warranty Terms:

12 Months from the Date of Commissioning or 18 Months from date of shipment from KIRLOSKAR, whichever is earlier.

Please note that warranty seizes with first occurrence irrespective of remaining clauses.

Customer Service Package (CSPs) – Scheduled Services:

During warranty period, customer is liable to avail following free service Checks through authorised KIRLOSKAR CARE centre.

2.1KW-4KW Petrol Gensets:-

  • CC1 – Within 3 month or 20 hours from the date of installation, whichever is earlier
  • CC2 – Within 9 months from date of installation or 120 hours whichever is earlier.

In case of continuous usage, preventive maintenance needs to be done between schedules, it will be done by an authorised service engineer on chargeable basis.

(Applicable with use of KIRLOSKAR CARE “PETRO+” oil only)

3KVA & 5KVA Diesel Gensets:

  • CC1 – Within 3 month or 50 hours from the date of installation, whichever is earlier
  • CC2 – Within 9 months from date of installation or 250 hours whichever is earlier.

(Applicable with use of KIRLOSKAR CARE Super oil only)

Preventive Maintenance Schedule:

The preventive maintenance schedule is as follows:

  • First preventive maintenance is at 50 hours or 1 month in diesel, 20 hours or 1 month in petrol whichever occurs first. The first preventive maintenance is very important.
  • Subsequent Preventive maintenance is to be carried out at every 200 hours or 6 months in Diesel powered generator and every 100 hours or 6 months in petrol powered generator.

Warranty shall not be applicable:

  • If damage occurs due to improper installation & commissioning, ventilation of the Genset and accessories.
  • For failures due to improper shutdown, mishandling, unbalance load, negligence, external short circuit, wrong signal from External AMF /Remote panel, wrong synchronization, alteration of specification, accident and natural calamities etc.
  • For normal wear and tear of the components, Overhauls of Kirloskar Green Genset / Engine.
  • Any loss or damage either direct or consequential, the effect of any accident resulting from defective material, faulty workmanship or otherwise.
  • Damage due to storage or in Transit with its consequential loss, modifications and installation without prior written approval from Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.
  • Any liability arising due to non-functioning of the DG Set / equipment.
  • If PRF is not done immediately after commissioning and if CSP (preventive maintenance) lapses
  • For any accidental damage, fire, collision, improper usage, tampering, customer abuse and external modifications / fabrications done by the end-customer or OEM and in force majeure. Force Majeure events include floods, earthquakes, accidents, natural disasters, act of God, war, trade embargo or the event that are not within the reasonable control of the parties.
  • Additional service visit demanded by Customer for customised settings, which are not within the standard scope of service.
  • Consumables like Fuel Filter, Lube Oil Filter, Air Cleaner element, Lube Oil, Coolant etc will not fall under the warranty category.
  • For additional preventive maintenance service visits required for Genset other than Customer Service Package (hereinafter called as CSP).

Standard Conditions for KIRLOSKAR Green Genset warranty:

The KIRLOSKAR Genset warranty offered by the company is subject to the following conditions which are binding on every Genset buyer/ user of KIRLOSKAR Green Genset.

  • Proper installation of the Kirloskar Green Genset is the sole responsibility of the owner of the KIRLOSKAR Green Genset.
  • Preventive Maintenance to be done as per recommended guidelines by KIRLOSKAR CARE team.
  • If any defective part is replaced with new, the old part should be returned to Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. If such part is replaced by the company under warranty, the defective part is a property of the company.
  • Unauthorized change/ modification in KIRLOSKAR Green Genset will make the warranty null and void.
  • Repair by unauthorised person will make the warranty null and void.
  • The warranty decisions of proprietary parts will be taken by respective suppliers and their decision will be final for acceptance / rejection of warranty. Parts like; Fuel Injection Pump, Electrical Equipment and Instruments, etc.
  • KIRLOSKAR warranty will be applicable only to rectify/repair/replace the defective part. It doesn’t apply to defect caused by negligence in installation, operation or maintenance.
  • This Warranty policy does not cover any kind of consequential damage/claim due to Genset breakdown.

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